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  • 專注于高品質的鋁軟管和氣霧罐


    Focus on high quality tubes & cans,with quality first and service foremost.

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    上海佳田-上海佳田藥用包裝有限公司創建于1990年5月,是國內專業生產藥用鋁質軟管,鋁質染發膏管的公司。公司2000年開始生產鋁質氣霧罐,是國內較早生產鋁氣霧罐企業之一。公司位于上海市金山區朱涇鎮亭楓公路3058號,公司廠區占地面積60.5畝,職工人數為200多人,總資產25000萬元人民幣,公司年生產總值30000萬元??偣灿?條生產流水線,其中5條生產線生產鋁質軟管,年產25000萬鋁軟管,是中國規模較大的鋁管生產企業。其中3條生產鋁氣霧罐,年產16000萬鋁氣霧罐。 了解更多 >>
    Shanghai Jia Tian Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd (Shanghai New Asia Pharmaceutical Jinshan Co. Ltd.) was founded in May 1990. We are the lproducer of aluminum collapsible tubes in China for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries.With a total investment of RMB 250 million. There areEight product lines from Hinterkopf, German and WESCO, PSG group, German in our factory. Five tube lines can manufacture 250 million tubes per year. Three lines for Aerosol Can manufacture 16000 million Aerosol Can. We can manuf acture 410 million Aluminum tubes and cans per year and we are the biggest manufacturer for aluminum tube in China.Jia.Tian Tube catch more than 60% Chinese high quality tube Market.
    適用行業 Industries
    Jiatian offers a diverse range of products tailored for various industries. Years of experience ensure cost-saving packaging solutions for every need.
    • 藥用 Pharmaceutical
    • 藥用&日化 Pharmaceutical & daily chemical
    • 藥用&日化 Pharmaceutical & daily chemical
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